Jedburgh Podcast With Commissioner Hendon

Check Out the Latest Episode of the Jedburgh Podcast With Commissioner Hendon

This past Veterans Day, Commissioner Hendon sat down with Fran Racioppi, the host of the Jedburgh Podcast and a former Special Forces Green Beret. The two Army Veterans covered issues facing Veterans in NYC across the nation and what our agency is doing to face those challenges head on. 

Excerpt from the Episode:

FRAN: Talk about the meaning of the parade here today. We’ve been talking about it and why in your role as the Veterans Department of New York City, how do we keep the military front and center as we come out of this global war on terror era and we move on to the next phase?

HENDON: I think a lot of this is making sure that our brothers and sisters know that we see them, that we appreciate them and that we love them. And so things like this, they're so symbolic, but they move mountains emotionally for a lot of our men and women who serve and their families. Just to know that you're not forgotten right now, when we look at the larger numbers, about 33.1%of all veterans, according to the Gross Domestic Expenditure report from the VA, use VA services. Of those who are eligible, that means the remaining more than 65% don't use the services. We know. That number comes down to 29.7% in New York State. It comes down to 24.6% in New York City. In other words, I like to tell people when you see me, there are two to three brothers and sisters who you don't see. And so a lot of it is creating an environment where you have the psychological safety to feel comfortable coming out saying, hey, in need of some help, I need some services.

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