SSG Fox Suicide Prevention Program

Black Veterans for Social Justice - SSG Parker Gordon Fox - Veterans Suicide Prevention Program

We currently have a veteran suicide prevention program in place - The SSG Fox Suicide Prevention Program.  This is a 3-year program grant provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs, whose mission is to address, minimize, and reduce suicide among U.S. military Veterans.  We take a non-clinical approach to this phenomenon, providing assessments, case management, follow-up, job placement assistance, housing assistance, food insecurity assistance, etc.  We have also partnered with The Family Center which provides the clinical assistance veterans may need, e.g., one on one counseling, group counseling, etc.

If you are a veteran or you know of a veteran in crisis, please feel free to reach out to us.  We can provide non-judgmental access to a variety of services, free of charge.

Point of Contact for More Info:  Jose M. Rios, U.S. Army Veteran, [email protected], (718) 852-6004 x460