NYC Child Support Pay It Off Program

Pay It Off is a special limited-time program through the NYC Human Resources Administration (HRA) that may help you lower the amount you owe in child support.  Pay It Off doubles the value of the payment (up to the amount you owe) that you make toward child support debt that is owed to the NYC Department of Social Services (DSS), allowing noncustodial parents to pay off their child support debt twice as fast.  The program runs from October 17th through October 31st.

With Pay It Off, noncustodial parents can pay off their NYC DSS child support arrears twice as fast.  The Office of Child Support Services (OCSS) will double the debt reduction when a payment of at least $500 is made toward DSS arrears during October (up to the amount you owe). For those with an active support order, the court ordered child support amount must be paid first.  Once this is made, the Pay It Off payment can reduce the debt by double. On top of that, parents may be eligible for additional reductions up to $15,000 over three years. After you pay off your principle in full, all of the interest you owe to DSS will be eliminated.

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