High Ground Veterans Advocacy

High Ground Veterans Advocacy is now accepting applications for the Fellowship Class of June 2018. Now in its second year, the organization was recognized as one of the top new non-profits on the prestigious HillVets 100 list. 

Members of the 2017 fellowship classes have inspired new legislation at the local and federal level, have been invited to become advisers to members of Congress, have led national movements around their policy proposals, received other prestigious fellowships, and have found permanent employment with organizations dedicated to serving veterans.

Applicants must have served in the United States military and be an active member in any reputable military or veteran-focused organization. High Ground does not discriminate against veterans with "bad-paper."

Applicants are required to complete an online application at https://www.highgroundvets.org/apply/, and submit supporting documents by March 10, 2019. **Deadline extended**

Kristofer Goldsmith
[email protected]

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