Apex Support for Veteran Companies

Apex provides military veterans, active duty personnel, and their spouses the support and resources they need to start and grow high-impact companies. Unlike coworking spaces of non-curated companies and individuals, the Veterans Future Lab offers a community of military veterans and their spouses who are invested in each other's success.

Apex is New York City's first business incubator for military personnel, veterans, and their spouses. 

Startups who fit that bill will receive an array of services and benefits designed to further their tech-enabled businesses, such as:
No cost program. They provide desk space and Veterans Future Lab resources at no cost to participating companies.

An open door to NYU's resources. Startups selected for the program can access NYU’s formidable resources, including leading researchers, a talent pipeline of world-class students, unique data sets, and free prototyping facilities.

Dedicated, bespoke attention. Because they accept just 10 companies to the program, founders are guaranteed focused support based on their needs.

In-kind benefits of up to $350,000. Service providers allow companies to sign up for office hours with law firm Orrick, enjoy a PricewaterhouseCooper account, and receive pitch coaching and help with financial planning.

Option to pursue tax-free status. As one of just a handful of incubator programs approved by the state for STARTUP-NY, Apex acts as a conduit for companies that wish to apply for the state's incentive program, netting businesses tax-exempt status for their companies and employees.

Apex is a program of NYU Tandon Future Labs. Learn more about the benefits of the program by clicking here. Apply by April 2, 2018.

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