Moral Injury Research Study

This project is designed to compare military members’ and veterans’ perspectives on the concept of ‘moral injury’ with those held by mental health professionals. Moral injury is a new research area focused on psychological consequences that may occur after a betrayal of “what’s right” during high-stakes situations, such as military deployment.

The survey is open to anyone 18 or older familiar with military culture (e.g., personal experience, professional career training). Individuals who have both a military service background and professional mental health experience are encouraged to participate as well. If you choose to participate, you will be asked to respond to survey items about your current perspectives on moral injury. No previous education in understanding moral injury is needed. If you are a service member or a veteran, you will also be asked to respond to items about deployment experiences as well.

The survey will take approximately 30-40 minutes to complete. Your responses to the survey items will be anonymous and confidential.  

The principle investigators of this project are Drs. Amy Naugle, Ph.D. and Richard Spates, Ph.D., and the Student Investigator is Karis L. Callaway, M.A. If you have any questions prior or during the study, you may contact Karis Callaway at [email protected] or Dr. Amy Naugle at [email protected]. You may also contact the Western Michigan University Chair of Human Subjects Institutional Review Board at 269-387-8293 or the Vice President for Research at 269-387-8298 with any concerns.

If you want to learn more about moral injury after taking the survey, follow this link to go to a collection of posts and podcast episodes about moral injury.

Your participation is going to help understanding of the concept of moral injury to a greater degree, and potentially save lives. 


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