2018 Veterans Organizing Institute

Beyond the Choir is accepting applications for the 2018 Veterans Organizing Institute (VOI), a 3-day leadership training retreat for military veterans currently involved in progressive social movements — or who are looking to get involved. This is an excellent opportunity to develop the campaign and organizing skills of impactful, progressive veteran leaders across movements. Participants will connect with veterans from across the country working on a wide range of grassroots issues June 7-10 in Durham, NC.

VOI’s curriculum includes Political analysis; Veterans and social change; Grassroots organizing skills and movement building; Messaging and narrative strategy; Media and speaking skills.

The training team comes from extensive experience across a broad range of domestic & international issues, movements, and praxis, as strategists, movement educators, academics, facilitators, and on-the-ground organizers. They are committed to creating training opportunities for all veterans, with particular attention for veterans who represent directly impacted communities, including people of color, women, indigenous, Muslim, LGBTQ, rural progressives, and disabled veterans.

Applicants are required to provide Proof of Service. The Veterans Organizing Institute offers a sliding scale for registration fees and need-based aid. Funds for travel are limited, so applications are needed before the May 8 deadline.

Space is limited! Not everyone who applies will be selected for this particular retreat, though future local and distance-learning opportunities are in the works.

No veteran accepted into the program is turned away due to lack of resources. VOI aims to make this opportunity as accessible as possible through a sliding scale model and offering travel scholarships. If you want to sponsor a vet's attendance, travel, and help provide childcare, contributions can be made here.

Apply here.

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