OPERATION: Take the Reins

OPERATION: Take the Reins partners with Mane Stream and Hope for the Warriors for Equine Therapy.

This latest workshop begins May 2, 10-11am, and takes place every Wednesday for six weeks.

The benefits of being around horses are numerous and proven. OPERATION: Take the Reins gives participants the chance to learn new skills while improving overall wellness. The connection made between participants and the horses is a powerful experience that enhances self-awareness and promotes growth. Horses provide a natural way to build trust and give honest feedback regarding personal feelings and emotions that may not otherwise surface. 

Your experience includes participation in activities such as herd observation, horse handling, grooming, and other ground based activities, to help establish a partnership between you and your horse while decreasing stress and anxiety.

The facility is ADA Complaint. Service members will not be riding the horses.

Apply here.

Mane Stream | 83 Old Turnpike Rd | Oldwick, NJ

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