American Veterans Archaeological Recovery Opportunity

The American Veterans Archaeological Recovery (AVAR) will run an archaeological excavation near Albany from May 22 - June 3. 

They are currently seeking applications from service members and veterans for placement in the program. Thanks in part to support from National Geographic, all veteran placements will be fully funded.

AVAR is a veteran-owned and operated program focused on aiding military veterans with physical or psychological disabilities in their transition to civilian life, through participation in archaeological excavation.

Veterans will participate in the first systematic excavation of Mount Lebanon, the largest and most important Shaker settlement in the United States, overseen by archaeology social enterprise DigVentures’ expert staff. The combined team will conduct landscape survey and archaeological excavations at the site, designed to reveal completely new evidence about one of the most intriguing social and religious movements in American history. The site is now home to Darrow School, an independent college preparatory school, which has been a conscientious steward of the site’s unique heritage as well as active participants in the project.

To apply, email [email protected].

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