Into Sunlight Documentary Screening

Robin Becker Dance hosts two screenings of a documentary film called Into Sunlight, on June 20 & 25, 6:30pm in midtown Manhattan.

David Maraniss' They Marched Into Sunlight is a nonfiction account of two days in October 1967 when war was raging in Vietnam and the antiwar movement was raging in America. The book inspired choreographer Robin Becker to re-imagine this story into a dramatic dance performance - a rare marriage. Into Sunlight-The Film combines the dance performance, historic events in Vietnam, and student protests on the University of Wisconsin campus into a powerful documentary. Director Ron Honsa weaves choreography and archival footage with interviews with Robin Becker, David Maraniss, and key figures from the book.

The documentary comes full circle when the dancers are invited to perform their work in Vietnam, adding another layer of depth to this provocative story of war and its lasting imprint on all of us.

See a trailer here.

The veterans community is specially invited to attend this limited-seating event. Contact [email protected] to make a reservation.

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