All My Love, Kate - A New Play

The Wild Project hosts the All Out Arts' 16th Annual Fresh Fruit Festival. They'll present All My Love, Kate on July 10, 8pm; July 14, 8:30pm; and July 15, 3pm.

All My Love, Kate tells the story of Jack and Danny, who, for years, have lived quietly and privately; keeping their life together separate from the world outside their door. But after the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor, the couple finds themselves separated by an ocean, a war, and a world that would rather pretend they didn’t exist. The play examines what it truly means to be an American and a Patriot, and questions who has the right to define those words. Inspired by stories told to the author by gay veterans.

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The Wild Project | 195 East 3rd Street | New York, NY

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