2018 Google Student Veteran Summit

The Google Student Veteran Summit on October 6, 2018 is open to students entering into a United States business school full-time program in Fall 2018 and who have served in one of the following United States Military Services: Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, or Navy. Each day-long summit will include a professional development curriculum geared towards a smooth transition back to the civilian workplace. Participants will also meet members of Google’s Veteran community and get an inside look at the company’s unique culture of impact and collaboration.

The application process opens June 25 and closes July 27. Click here to apply and complete an essay.

In 500 words or less, share how you plan on leveraging your prior skills and experiences (including your military experience) to demonstrate impact in your future employment.

Please note that if a student is selected, Google does not cover the cost of travel (or potential lodging). They will cover meals throughout the duration of the Summit. You are encouraged to attend a Summit near you, if possible (additional summits are in Chicago and Los Angeles).

Email studentveterans@google.com with additional inquiries.

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