Fordham University Fall 2018 Art Workshop for Veterans

Instructor Steve Alpert leads Art-Making Workshops for veterans at Fordham University on Tuesday nights at 6:30pm beginning September 11. All artists make art for one basic reason; to learn the truth about themselves. 

Artists access their own life experiences in order to make their own individual unique art. This intensive workshop is designed to support the emerging artists in learning to access the experiences of their lives and expressing themselves through their own unique art, be it painting, sculpture, drawing, etc.  The participants will bring the work they have made in the time between class meetings and put on display for others in the workshop. 

The final class meeting will be an exhibition of work selected by the artists, representing their journey through the workshop in the previous months.

Steve Alpert | [email protected] | 917-623-0147

Fordham University | Lincoln Center Campus | 113 W 60th St | NYC, NY

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