I Was There Film Workshop

I Was There Film Workshops are sponsored by Patton Veterans Project, Inc. During the 4-day workshop, September 17-20, you will work with fellow veterans and professional film instructors to conceive, shoot, and edit a collaborative short film.

Team up with other veterans who share similar backgrounds and experiences and tell your stories through film. Working as a film crew, it’s your chance to combine ideas, learn about filmmaking, and bring your vision to life.

The workshop will be facilitated by a team of professional filmmakers. No prior filmmaking experience is needed, all equipment is provided, and the workshop is free to participants.

Choose from the morning group (9am-12:30pm) or afternoon group (1:30-5pm). Contact Efrion Smith to register.

Efrion Smith | [email protected] | 718-584-9000, x5432

James J. Peters VA Medical Center| 130 W Kingsbridge Rd | Bronx, NY


"In 2017, we produced 12 films through the work of 43 veterans that collaborated over the course of two workshops. We had veterans report that they experienced a decrease in stress-related symptoms due to the workshops. We also had a veteran who was an MST survivor increase their ability to be around the opposite sex based on the trauma that they experienced. This project also gave them the drive to write a book." Must be currently receiving care at the JJPVAMC Bronx VA Medical Center in order to register for this workshop.

Check out one of the films produced through the Bronx VA workshop here.

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