In Their Footsteps - Vietnam Play

Infinite Variety Productions presents In Their Footsteps on November 8-10, 7pm, November 11, 2pm, and November 12, 6pm.

Thousands of women served in The Vietnam War. Thousands of women have never been recognized for their service. These women's experiences have remained unheard. Until now. Based on interviews with five women, In Their Footsteps is an unflinching and poignant journey into the lives of American women who served in Vietnam.

In Their Footsteps is a documentary theatre piece that interweaves the stories of five American women who served in the Vietnam War: 3 military, 2 civilian employees, five different jobs, all in a one hour play. 
IVP interviewed these five women and used the exact words from their transcripts to create the script. With an innovative set comprised of five blocks that become helicopters, bunkers, hotels and so much more, In Their Footsteps shows the human side of war. Themes such as sexual harassment, political lies, survival and secrets that the history books never touch upon when discussing the Vietnam War.

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The Kraine Theatre | 85 East 4th St | New York, NY

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