NYLAG For-Profit Schools Project

Veterans: Did your college or training program mislead you or lie to you?

Did you pay more out of pocket or in loans than your school promised?

Did your school promise you’d get a job in your field of study, but you haven’t?

Did your school promise you’d earn a good salary, but you haven’t?

Did your school promise to help you get a job, but didn’t help?

Did your school promise you could transfer your credits, but you couldn’t?

Did your school promise you special support for veterans, but failed to deliver?

Did your school pursue you for debts you don’t think you owe?

Did your school close while you were attending?

New York Legal Assistance Group’s free legal services may help you apply for relief from your loans, defend against debt collection, apply to restore your education benefits, and seek relief from your school.

They assist current or former military servicemembers and their children and spouses, who have legal issues related to attending a for-profit school and cannot afford a lawyer. They assist those currently or formerly enrolled in a for-profit school.

Contact the For-Profit Schools Project, [email protected] or 212-946-0354.

New York Legal Assistance Group | 7 Hanover Square, 18th Floor, New York, NY | 212-613-5000


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