ProVetus Mentor Training

ProVetus has begun a new mentorship initiative in cooperation with the Bronx VA Wellness and Resilience Center. This program will match prior service veterans as mentors with veterans going through the Bronx VA Wellness and Resilience Center Program.

January 9, 6-9:30pm; January 16, 6-9:30pm; January 23, 6-9:30pm

The program consists of 20 hours of training. This includes hours in-person (10.5 hrs) and hours spent outside of the classroom (9.5 hrs.) (e.g., reading articles, watching documentaries, completing take home exams, preparing Veteran action plans). The training occurs over three different days and it is optimal to schedule these days at least one week apart to facilitate mentors having enough time to complete out of class assignments and further process the information. This also gives more time for supportive relationships to be developed internal to each training cohort as they have more time to contact and support each other outside of the classroom.

Complete your ProVetus Mentor Application at

Call with your questions or just to talk, email, call or text at:

Chester Edwards, Bronx Cohort Leader - [email protected], 914-260-2122

Danielle Bracco, Program Director - [email protected], 917-301-8751

James J. Peters VA Medical Center | 130 W Kingsbridge Rd | Wellness & Resilience Center (Room 4A-06) | Bronx, NY

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