Project Healing Waters Fly Tying

Project Healing Waters offers Fly Tying Classes for veterans in February and March, for beginners and advanced.

Fly tying classes will be at the Greenwich House (27 Barrow Street) in the West Village.

Level 1 classes (FT1) begin in early February and run for five sessions on Saturdays. Level 2 classes (FT2) begin in early March and also run for five sessions on Saturdays. Classes will be taught by Neil Napolitan and volunteers.

FT1 is a great opportunity for new tiers to learn fly tying basics: Basic tools & materials, thread handling, bead heads, ribbing, knots, adding weight, wet fly, types of wings, streamers, and more.

FT2 will cover: Adams Dry Fly, Cahill Dry, Attractors/searching flies, Stimulator, and more.

Call Ira Krell (917-842-5296) to RSVP. Space is first come, first served.


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