Homes for Homecoming Heroes

Homes for Homecoming Heroes has acquired the land for their second house in Freeport, NY. They are seeking qualified veterans to be selected for the lottery. 


Some of the requirements to be selected are as follows:

* good credit history (600 or better)

* household income between $44,000 - $72,000

The veteran will purchase the home with a down payment and a thirty-year fixed mortgage offered through the State of New York Mortgage Agency. A forgivable second mortgage will be placed for the appraised value of the house, and will run concurrent with the first mortgage. 

The price of the homes will be determined by the cost of the land and construction. The plan is to deliver a 1200 square foot home with a garage, where possible, for less than $200,000. Some of the house specs are:

Lot size 5000 sf, single story ranch style, 3 BR, 2 full Baths, no basement, etc.

Contact Larry Sklar at 646-641-8460 if you are a veteran or know a veteran who could quality for the lottery.

Homes For Our Homecoming Heroes, Inc. is a newly formed 501(c)(3) voluntary charitable trust, whose mission is to build housing for veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Qualified veterans will be selected by lottery. The purchase price of these homes will be at the cost of construction, with no down payment required. These homes will be constructed by building professionals, volunteer organizations and BOCES school student volunteers. 

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