Project Life Force Studies

Participants will be randomly assigned to one of the study arms: Project Life Force (PLF) or Treatment as Usual (TAU).

Project Life Force is a manualized 90-minute group therapy for 10 sessions, lasting 3 months. Combines psychoeducation and emotion regulation skills with suicide safety planning development and implementation. Hopes to increase social support.

Treatment as Usual does not include the group therapy, which is the only difference between the two study arms. Number of individual mental health appointments, Suicide Prevention Coordinators, outreach contacts, and usage patterns of safety plans will be tracked.

Payment for participants is $75 for the baseline visit and $50 for the three follow-up research visits. Conducted at the Bronx VA Medical Center. 

Principal Investigator: Marianne Goodman, MD. 718-584-9000, ext 5188 [email protected]

Research Coordinator: Sarah Sullivan, MS, MHC-LP. 718-584-9000, ext 5149 [email protected]

James J. Peters VA Medical Center | 130 W Kingsbridge Rd | Bronx, NY

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