DE-CRUIT Shakespeare Study Classes for Veterans

Participate in DE-CRUIT's Shakespeare Study Classes for Veterans

DeCruit classes use: 1) Theater as Medicine 2) Shakespeare as a healing tool.

Perform Shakespeare from a Veteran’s perspective and learn classical actor techniques with the intent of helping to heal trauma. You do not need to have trauma or a diagnosis of any kind. There are no requirements to attend; but we want full disclosure as to what we will be doing in class.

Expect “a shame-free, apology-free zone.” Therefore, attend when you want or need the class. In other words, you may “miss” class, you may show up late, you may leave early, you may attend in whatever manner fits your needs and schedule. However, you are expected to participate when you attend the class. You are never required to memorize. You may, but there is no requirement. For myriad reasons (schedule, trauma, prescriptions, TBI, etc) many cannot memorize, therefore, no one is required to memorize.
Safety of yourself, each other and the room, is required. We strive for an environment where we are free to (as Shakespeare states it): speak what we feel and not what we ought to say. To do this, we expect that all who attend will not harm themselves, others, or the objects in the room. Anyone unable to do so will be asked to attend alternate programming rather than the Monday night classes. 

Classes are Mondays, 6:30-9:30pm. If you have specific questions for classes in NY, email:

NYU CREATE Lab | 196 Mercer St | New York, NY

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