Volunteers of America Resilience Strength Training

Volunteer of America-Greater New York (VOA-GNY) is conducting a pilot study to determine effective modalities in addressing Moral Injury amid United States military veterans. Resilience Strength Training (RST) is designed to explore Moral Injury. Using a narrative approach, the training will explore the individual’s experience through creative expression, writing, music, and art. RST is designed to address the injury, support restructuring and summons a renovation of one’s purpose.

The next retreat is April 12-18. Topics include remembering moral injury events; moral emotions and unfinished business; rebuilding your moral house; commitments and strengths: burning clean; service and reconnecting beyond srt; staying connected.

This training is intensive and the groups will be conducted for a total of 60 hours. The duration for the first group is six days and ten hours day. All participants are required to complete three surveys one before the training, one immediately after the training and a follow up within 6 months. There is a compensation of $50 for each survey.

Note: There are no requirements such as medical testing or medication to participate in this study.

Bishop Molloy Retreat House | 8645 Edgerton Blvd | Jamaica, NY

[email protected]