Stepping Forward in Grief Study

Service members and veterans whose military friends, unit members or battle buddies died while serving or as a result of their military service may participate in the Stepping Forward in Grief study.

The study tests two evidence-based online/app programs created by scientists and clinicians at Uniformed Services University and Columbia University to address grief-related challenges.

The study is now open to all family and friends of those who died AT ANY TIME (whether before, on, or after September 11, 2001) while serving in the military or as a result of a service connected death. For instance, this would include:

- any close or more distant adult family relation to the deceased - such as a parent, spouse, sibling or adult child, cousin, grandparent, uncle, or aunt - regardless of whether the relationship to the deceased was biological, step, adoptive, foster or in-law.

- any close friend, unit member or battle buddy of a military service member who died while serving on active duty or as a result of a duty-related death.

Participants will be randomly assigned to GriefSteps or WellnessSteps, in order to test the ability of these programs to support grief adaptation for bereaved military survivors. The study team is particularly hoping to reach and enroll those who continue to struggle with their grief. It is our hope that the results of the study will lead to better resources for bereaved individuals in years to come.

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