Animal Farm Foundation Service Dogs

The Animal Farm Foundation connects shelter dogs with people with disabilities.

We know that living with a disability is an individual experience. We also know that every dog has an individual personality and an
individual set of skills. We train each service dog on tasks that suit their potential. We match dogs with a person based on personality and an individual's needs. From there, we tailor the dog's training to suit their person.

Disabilities aren't one size fits all, and we don't believe service dogs should be either.

If you are disabled, live within a 1-hour driving distance of Dutchess County, New York, and are interested in one of our rescue “pit bull” service dogs, please fill out the appropriate form as part of our pre-application process. Completing this form is not a guarantee that you will receive a dog.  This is a small program and as such we cannot accept every application we receive. To guarantee the most productive assistance dog teams, we match dogs with their handlers based on personality and needs.