Apply Today: New Politics 'Answering the Call'

New Politics Leadership Academy’s flagship political leadership program Answering the Call is seeking Fall applications from military veterans and national service alumni who wonder if they feel called to lead through public service. Join the movement of service leaders around the country who are working to revitalize our democracy through a second service in politics.


Answering the Call is an opportunity for leaders from the veteran and national service communities to undertake a deeply personal journey and reflect on who they are as leaders and if they feel called to political service, now or in the future. This program is not a motivational seminar designed to convince anyone to run for office, nor is it a technical training on how to raise money and recruit volunteers. It’s a five session group program over the course of five weeks, which can be done either in-person or online.

Upon graduation, some have gone on to become members of Congress and state legislators, staffers on campaign, future candidates for public office, or just more engaged citizens. Follow-up programs are available to those who are interested in taking the next step.

Upcoming dates and locations can be found here and the Fall application here.

If you would like to learn more about the Academy, their offerings, and how to connect your network to this resource, please reach out to Stephanie Armstrong at [email protected].