ABA Veterans Claims Assistance Network

The American Bar Association Veterans Claims Assistance Network (ABA VCAN) connects unrepresented veterans with volunteer attorneys who help complete and submit the veterans’ initial disability benefits claims to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

Once these claims are fully developed by the volunteer attorneys, the VA will review and rate claims, and the veterans will hopefully receive the disability compensation benefits they have earned and deserve.

You are eligible to seek free help through ABA VCAN if you are:

- A U.S. veteran,
- Need help to prepare an INITIAL disability benefits claim for submission to the VA, and
- Not currently represented by a Veterans Services Organization (VSO), attorney, or other agent for your claim.

Eligible veterans may apply online at www.ABAVCAN.org.

ABA VCAN cannot help with the following:
- Disability compensation claims if you already submitted your disability claims to the VA;
- Disability compensation claims if you are already represented by a Veterans Services Organization (VSO), attorney, or other
agent for the claim;
- VA disability appeals;
- Other VA benefits, such as VA pension benefits, VA healthcare, military retirement benefits, education and vocational benefits, and others; 
- Other legal issues, such as discharge upgrades.

For other legal resources, please visit www.ABAMilVets.org.