Mission Continues Women Veterans Leadership Program

The Mission Continues is thrilled to announce their newest program: The Women Veterans Leadership Program, a first-of-its kind personal and professional development experience for women veterans who are ready to unlock their potential as leaders. They’re changing the narrative on what it means to be a woman veteran by leveraging their leadership skills and creating change-makers in a movement of veterans pursuing equality for all women. 

If you identify as a woman with military experience under your belt, are motivated to become a leader, and want to tackle your next challenge - join them! 

Why should you apply for the Women Veterans Leadership Program? Throughout this five-month program, you'll: 

- Receive leadership skills training;

- Experience networking and community building among other women veterans;

- Learn to advocate for yourself and other women;

- Discover an avenue to serve a (non-veteran) community;

- Empower women in under-resourced communities, and more. 

Apply here.