VA All of Us Research Program

The Veterans Administration is working with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) All of Us Research Program to help speed up medical breakthroughs. All of Us is looking for veteran volunteers to share their health data with VA-approved researchers. 

The VA is building upon its existing work with the Million Veterans Program (MVP) by participating in All of Us to make sure that the veteran population is represented in this very important research program. The VA was selected by NIH to be a Health Care Provider Organization (HPO). Both MVP and All of Us want to collect different types of health data to help accelerate research on human health.

While both MVP and All of Us are different research programs run by different agencies, MVP and All of Us share many similar goals and work closely together. By working together, we may change the future of health.

You can find out if your VA Hospital or Clinic is enrolling by contacting the VA AoU Information Center at 833-805-0426. Participants must enroll in person at the Manhattan VA; call to schedule an appointment.