Mission Continues Service Leadership Corps

The Mission Continues offers a community-based leadership program called the Service Leadership Corps (SLC) in Spring 2020. The program is open to military veterans and current members of the National Guard and Reserves.

Throughout the program, Corps members will build their leadership skills alongside a national network of veterans through in-person gatherings and a virtual learning environment. Veterans will engage in learning through real-world application in partnership with a community organization, and will have opportunities to connect with each other and the community they serve.

Click here for program details and eligibility requirements. Application is open Jan 2 – Feb 6, 2020.

Program Dates: 

  • Los Angeles, CA: April 30 - May 3
  • Atlanta, GA: June 24 - June 26
  • Chicago, IL: August 12 - August 14
  • Denver, CO: October 8 - October 11

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