FourBlock Veteran Career Readiness Program

The FourBlock Career Readiness Program is a semester-long, university-accredited program that provides the professional development, career exploration, and network that today’s generation of veterans need to be competitive for great careers. It is offered at no cost to veterans.

The program is offered twice a year in major metropolitan cities across the country during each fall and spring academic semester. Veterans join a cohort and meet once a week for ten weeks to receive over thirty hours of in-person lectures, networking events, and practical application. Furthermore, one-on-one mentorship is provided to each veteran in order to address personal transition and career search strategies.

The Career Readiness Program is taught by associate instructors and guest lecturers who are professionals and senior executives from leading companies. This ensures that veterans can begin building their professional network during the program, while also ensuring that they are receiving course content that is current with the latest career readiness and hiring practices.

Upon completion of the program, veterans emerge with a personalized career search strategy, an improved ability to communicate their military experiences, a better understanding of corporate culture, and a professional network to build upon. All FourBlock alumni are offered follow-on support in the form of continued FourBlock career counseling and access to all FourBlock networking events nation-wide.

For veterans who do not have a program near their city, FourBlock provides career counseling services on a case-by-case basis.

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