From Here To There: A Veterans Exhibition

Attend From Here To There: A Veterans Exhibition running February 10-21, 2020 at the Salmagundi Club. Gallery Hours: Monday - Friday, 1-6pm and Saturday - Sunday, 1-5pm. 


Veterans must trade their weapons of war for an instrument used to produce art. The rifle becomes the camera. The knife becomes the paintbrush. Paint is a grenade. Bullets become the words of the poet and C4 becomes the clay that is molded into a sculpture. Creating art is a process of interpreting an
environment, much like how military members use weapons to manipulate, interpret, and interact with their environment. The civilian who never grew up an artist, but decides that their passion as an adult is one of an artistic endeavor, must also trade a tool for a tool; a cop trades a gun for a paintbrush, a
surveyor trades his tool for a camera, etc. Even a child trades his toys for textbooks to learn about art. We all trade something to become artists. Veteran artists have their instruments, America is their canvas. Now veterans use art to heal their wounds from service and war.

The emphasis of this show will be to bridge the military-veteran/civilian divide, as we express our stories of military transition through various mediums
of art and performance. Exhibition of original photographs, paintings, drawings, mixed media, sculpture, combat paper, & performance art; all created, curated and performed by military veterans.

Contact Omar Columbus if you have any questions: [email protected]

Salmagundi Club | 47 Fifth Ave | New York, NY