NYP Military Family Wellness Center Insomnia Therapy

The New York Presbyterian Military Family Wellness Center at Columbia University Medical Center offers veterans, national guardsmen, reservists, and active duty personnel free group treatment using cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT-I). CBT-I is a well-established, effective form of therapy that focuses on improving your sleep.

There is no minimum service requirement. All veterans are welcome regardless of service record. 

Located at 1051 Riverside Drive in Washington Heights, just over the GWB from New Jersey. Easily accessible by bus and train within Manhattan. Limited travel assistance is available.

NYSPI and Columbia University Department of Psychiatry also offer a variety of research and treatment studies in trauma-related Disorders. More information is available online at columbiapsychiatry.org

Contact group coordinator Sara Such at 646-774-8104 for more details.