Jericho Project Veterans Employment Program

Jericho Project's Veterans Employment Program (JVEP) provides a range of employment services to prepare veterans and their families for advancing along their chosen career paths. They can help you navigate the complex world of finding and transitioning to a good civilian job.

Working with them will help you:

- Set SMART career goals

- Get the right advice

- Find appropriate skills training

- Connect you to employers with open positions

- Attain resources and support for career advancing opportunities in your industry

Program eligibility:

You must have served in any US Armed Forces at any time or Joint Task Force during war time and have any discharge status OR be the legal spouse or an adult of a military household. (Valid DD-214 or statement of service may be needed)

To learn more, contact the Veterans Career Counselor at 646-920-5198.

Jericho Project | 245 West 29th Street, Suite 902 | New York, NY