Veterans Benefits at CUCS Benefits Center

*Check with organizer*

Veterans may receive free assistance at the Center for Urban Community Services.

Visit the Center for Urban Community Services (CUCS) at the Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Bronx VA.

Access a network of community-based organizations that specialize in support services for veterans and their families:

♦ SNAP Benefits ♦ Healthcare Benefits ♦ Legal Referral ♦ Financial Referral ♦ Tax Preparation ♦ Housing Information ♦ Food Pantries ♦ Employment Information ♦ Public Benefits Eligibility Screening & Application Assistance

Manhattan VA - 15th Floor, Room 15061S, Monday-Thursday, 9am – 5pm; Robert DeCasseres (Benefit Advisor), 212 686-7500, Ext 5113, [email protected]

Brooklyn VA - 5th Floor West, Room 310, Monday-Thursday, 9am-3:30pm; Raquel Ogando (Benefit Advisor), 718-584-9000, Ext 5233, [email protected]

Bronx VA - 3rd Floor, Room 3B-28, Monday-Wednesday, 9am-5pm; Shirley Merolus (Benefit Advisor) 718-836-6600, Ext 3169, [email protected]