TRR Train the Trainers

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Trauma and Resiliency Resources, Inc offers Train the Trainers: Herd, Tribe, Team on April 17-19 in Warwick, NY. The training is for military veterans, veteran service providers, chaplains, first responders, first responder service providers, licensed mental health and medical professionals and equine professionals. 

Are you having trouble engaging military veterans and first responders in therapy? Could this be because they train as units, squads and teams, and the idea of individual therapy is outside of their culture? Join TRR to learn how to move your therapy practice, agency work, or equine program from an individual to a group approach.

This workshop is a hands-on experience with a herd of horses at liberty. They will teach how to engage military veterans and first responders as a group to address the challenges of service and repair relationships with family and community.

Workshop Topics:

- Why it is important to work in group

- How to establish unit cohesion (who should be in the unit/group and what is the purpose of the group)

- How to properly conduct group psychotherapy

- Why their focus is on Moral Injury, as distinct from PTSD

Register here:

Trauma and Resiliency Resources, Inc | 26 West 9th St | Suite 5E | New York, NY

[email protected]