Travis Manion Foundation Virtual Character Does Matter

Travis Manion Foundation is excited to announce that Veteran Mentors are stepping up to share the “If Not Me, Then Who…” ethos with children on a new platform starting the week of March 23. Their team of trained, vetted, and inspirational veteran leaders will share the Character Does Matter program with youth throughout the country via Facebook Live each weekday at 1pm (EST).

We are all facing unanticipated new roles as we self-quarantine and adjust to ever-changing working environments. In addition, school closures have left many parents seeking some degree of structure and normalcy in unstable times as they take on the challenge of homeschooling their children while simultaneously keeping homes and careers afloat. 

Travis Manion Foundation plans to support those overwhelmed parents and enrich the at-home-education of students - all while upholding their mission to engage the veteran community as leaders to give back in ways that are safe and meet the current needs. 

Veteran Mentors will...

Deliver unique lessons focused on character strengths

Share personal, relevant stories 

Work on an activity that demonstrates the character strength of the day

Suggest homework on how to develop that strength in everyday life 

Respond to youth in real-time via the comments section

Follow their Facebook page and tune in each weekday at 1pm (EST). Access each week’s lesson plans, videos, and resources starting March 23.