COVID Coach Mobile App

VA’s new COVID Coach app can help you get through this time of uncertainty by teaching you how to practice self-care, find ways to stay socially connected while being physically distant, find meaning during this stressful time, and cope with the many challenges you may now be facing.

With this app, you can learn about:

- Healthy coping during COVID-19

- Managing stress with tools for self-care, set personal goals

- Tracking your mental health over time

- Finding helpful resources to meet your needs during the COVID-19 pandemic.  


The “Learn” section provides information and resources to help you stay mentally and physically healthy during the outbreak. Explore topics on loneliness, tips on staying positive, and information on helping your family and maintaining healthy relationships with them while you’re at home during the outbreak.


In the app’s “Manage Stress” section, you can find coping tools to use when you’re feeling upset, anxious or stressed. Use “Connect with Others” to feel less isolated, “Mindfulness” to slow down, or “Indoor Activities” to find fun activities you can safely do in your home. 


In the “Mood Check” section, you can take several short assessments to check the current state of your mental health and track changes over time. There are trackers for well-being, anxiety, mood, and PTSD symptoms. You can also set personal goals and track your progress toward achieving them.


Using the “Find Resources” section, you can:

- Locate online resources for getting professional help.

- Access resources to support you through new challenges you may be facing during the COVID outbreak, like meeting your needs, finding reliable COVID information or helping children and older relatives cope.

- Find links to download other mental health apps that you can use for additional support.

COVID Coach is free and easy to use, available for download on Apple iTunes and Google Play.