Freelance Editor Needed by Association of the United States Army

Association of the United States Army's (AUSA) Education & Programs Directorate, based in Arlington, VA, is looking for a Part-time Freelance Editor. Local is preferred, but remote is a possibility. Flexible hours, generally no more than 10 hours per week.

The mission of the Directorate, a thought leader on landpower, is to inform and educate AUSA’s members and other stakeholders as well as the general public on the nature and character of land warfare and the U.S. Army. The team carries out its mission through research projects, conferences and educational materials.

Assisting in the publication of their Studies, the freelance editor must:

•interact comfortably and confidently with authors;

•take direction well;

•have a mind for small details;

•have a working knowledge of the Chicago Manual of Style;

•be comfortable following house style;

•be well-versed in the fine points of grammar;

•have a good eye for general linguistic style; and

•be confident enough to rewrite and/or direct rewriting where necessary, while acting with the finesse, sensitivity and humility to preserve and elucidate authors' original ideas.

Candidates who are familiar with the Army environment and language will be strongly considered. All candidates must have writing and editing experience. While a relevant degree would be helpful, demonstrable competent performance in the writing and editing world will also suffice to qualify potential candidates. The freelance editor will report to the Director of Education & Programs and will also communicate as needed with the rest of the team, most frequently with the editorial manager and graphic artist.

Please send cover letters, resumes and writing samples to [email protected]. The writing sample is optional, and the parameters are broad; they are interested to see anything that you think best demonstrates your capabilities.

For additional information on the department, visit:

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