A Month of Brave Connection

From Memorial Day to July 4th, #WeavingCommunity presents A Month of Brave Connection, bringing together those with military backgrounds and other citizens to share their experiences and wisdom on how to grow from this challenge. Those in the military know how tough times can bring us together and make us stronger. Each hour-long video call will include 4-6 people, with military-affiliated and civilian co-hosts in the same area.

Memorial Day and Independence Day are powerful reminders of who we are when we are at our best. The coronavirus pandemic has touched everyone in some way, separating us, causing loss and uncertainty, preventing us from celebrating or even grieving together. Yet it has also brought us closer through shared sacrifice and acts of service. Our challenges, our traumas, our experiences may be different, but we all have something to share and learn from one another. #WeavingCommunity is a coalition of partner organizations and regular people who care about connection and believe Americans can repair a social fabric that has been torn and frayed by distrust. From Memorial Day to July 4th, help honor our past and imagine together a more connected, stronger America.

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