Free Premium LinkedIn Subscriptions for Veterans and Caregivers

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Elizabeth Dole Foundation (EDF), and the American Red Cross Military Veteran Caregiver Network (MVCN) are providing free one-year Premium LinkedIn Subscriptions to veterans and their caregivers. Donated by LinkedIn, the free premium subscriptions will help you get noticed by recruiters, build out a network, stay in the know on new jobs that fit your skills, and apply for new opportunities.

In addition, LinkedIn offers a free year of unlimited access to over 15,000 business, creative, and technology courses. The courses are all taught by industry experts through the LinkedIn Learning platform. 

Learn more here:

LinkedIn has created two learning paths:

  • Transition from Military to Civilian Employment: This learning path will help you navigate job searches, build a professional identity, prepare for interviews, negotiate salaries, and more. 
  • Transition from Military to Student Life: Covers everything from ACT/SAT/GRE test prep to essay writing, study skills, time management tips, and how to land an internship. This learning path propels veterans to success – graduation and beyond. 

 To make the most of LinkedIn, use these resources: 

  • LinkedIn for Veterans: This course provides a “LinkedIn 101” tutorial for everything from selecting and uploading the right picture to searching and applying for jobs. 
  • Translating Your Military Skills to Civilian Employment: This course will help veterans understand the civilian hiring process and empower them to demonstrate their best self to potential employers. 
  • Finding Your Purpose After Active Duty: This course is all about the intangibles of transition – understanding the veteran’s value to civilian employers, dealing with the uncertainty of transition, and more.