American Corporate Partners Mentorship Opportunities

American Corporate Partners (ACP) offers a completely virtual 1-on-1 mentoring program to assist veterans with career development, networking, and general mentorship. It takes just one hour a month with a hand-picked mentor that is supported by ACP staff along the way. Veterans are paired with a mentor for one year, 12 sessions in total. 

Many mentors are from Fortune 500 companies. All are industry experts who simply want to give back to those who served. ACP matches veterans with their mentors to provide the best experience on both sides. Notable mentors include Rupert Murdoch, George Oliver (CEO of Johnson Controls) and the Chairman of the Board of Bloomberg. Outside the boardroom, many mentors are teachers, nurses, law enforcement officers, cyber security experts, human resource managers, and countless others that form a strong and diverse mentorship network.  

Any post 9/11 Veteran who has served on active duty for at least 180 days is eligible for the ACP mentorship program. Active duty spouses are also eligible for mentorship programs. 17,000 veterans have completed ACP’s mentorship program. 

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