Veterans for American Ideals Virtual Leadership Retreat

Veterans for American Ideals hosts an intensive three-day Virtual Leadership Retreat, August 7-9. Whether you are already a change maker in your community or looking to become one, this retreat will provide you with the knowledge and skills to execute change, action, and advocacy in your community as veteran leaders. 

As veterans, we hold a unique spot in American society, resulting from our generation’s unparalleled length of service. Our voices are valued and we must use that pedestal to uphold the ideals that called us to serve and become human rights defenders in our communities.

By the end of this 3-day retreat, you will:

  • Understand the mission and vision of VFAI as well as the basic concepts of movement building
  • Gain the knowledge and skills to execute change in your community
  • Have a new understanding of your role as a veteran and a change maker
  • Be part of a dedicated community of like minded, action oriented veterans

Due to the increased demand for this event they are only able to accept a limited number of applicants for the August retreat. You are encouraged to apply and if they are unable to offer space this time, rest assured that there will be numerous other opportunities over the coming months.

Many of you have families and child care can be a barrier - there is a small fund for those who need assistance during the retreat. 

Apply for the retreat here.

For any questions, email [email protected].

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