Confessions of a Native Son Podcast

Check out Confessions of a Native Son, a podcast that speaks of a lived experience of a black Marine Corps officer who discusses race, culture, and business. 

Support Black veteran voices and businesses and listen to podcast Confessions of a Native Son. Mike Steadman discusses his past experiences and the ins and outs of his new mission as he works to uplift the youth of Newark, NJ.
Mike Steadman is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, 3x national boxing champ, and deployed to Afghanistan as an infantry officer. Since he left the Marines, he has founded the Ironbound Boxing Academy, as well as a for-profit venture to support his mission. He has earned his masters in American Studies from Rutgers, and has released over 15 episodes of his podcast, Confessions of a Native Son where he discusses race, culture, business, education, and empowerment of our communities of color. Mike believes in the talent, grit, and tenacity of the Black and POC youth that we need to support and elevate, not as a reaction to the recent unrest, but as a testament to the true nature and possibilities of America that people like Mike envision.