Lifetime "Serving Up" Casting Call

Lifetime is searching for three active duty service members or veterans and their families to feature in an on-air commercial honoring their commitment to serving the country.

These spots will be shot by Cousins, who had the honor of working with Lifetime and veterans last year on a series of Self Made portraits which you can see here -

This is a paid opportunity, and will require about a half day for filming with each family at their homes. To ensure the safety of families in COVID, they will use a contact-less "drop-kit" camera package that will enable Cousins to communicate with the family as they shoot remotely with the support of an available camera tech.  

They are looking for families to pose for a portrait together. Each family will stand together in a group with their beloved service members, holding a photo between them that will then zoom into the next family, making clear the link of their shared experience. Here is an example from Modern Family that shows a similar idea.

If interested please send a picture of yourself and your family, as well as a picture of both the inside and outside of your home, along with the answers to questions below:

  1. What branch of service are/were you in and what years are you/did you serve?
  2. Where do you live? 
  3. Who will be in your family portrait?
  4. What is the best thing about coming/being home and spending time with your family?

Send all materials and any questions to Claire Sinofsky ([email protected]).

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