Freedom Learning Group Positions Open

Freedom Learning Group, LLC (FLG) was founded on the unprecedented mission to provide career opportunities to underemployed military spouses, veterans and their family members, empowering them to sustain relevance in their respective fields. FLG specializes in educational content development, assessment writing, accessibility compliance, ADA/508 accessibility compliance, accuracy review, high-quality education training solutions, and
organizational and strategy development. 

FLG recently celebrated hiring over 200 military spouses/veterans, and has committed to 1000 hires by 2021.

Freedom Learning Group has positions available:

Computer Systems & Assembly Programming (remote). Apply here.

Electrical Engineering - Circuits (remote). Apply here.

Electrical Engineering - Linear Systems (remote). Apply here.

Fundamental Programming (remote). Apply here.

Mobile Applications (remote). Apply here.

Data Analytics (remote). Apply here.

User Experience (UX) Design (remote). Apply here.