Veterans Innovation Partnership Fellowship

The Veterans Innovation Partnership (VIP) Fellowship is a unique twelve-month program funded and administered by the US Department of State (State) that recruits talented veterans with masters in international affairs and political science degree fields. The purpose of this program is to provide opportunities for educated, high-achieving veterans to gain experience in foreign policy so they may continue to serve the US beyond the military.

Fellows will learn to build on their existing experience to make them more competitive for permanent positions in professional foreign policy and international development careers. Selected veterans will integrate the knowledge and expertise earned from the Global War on Terrorism and professional military training and apply them to their roles at State.

During their tenure, Fellows are encouraged to learn more about the entire department by taking part in 30 to 60-day rotations at other bureaus and offices. VIP offers an intimate look at how the U.S. government conducts foreign affairs in Washington, DC and is an opportunity to acquire a network of professional contacts in the foreign policy world. They will take part in activities such as organizing international forums, web campaigns, and attend conferences on subjects of international interest. Sponsoring bureaus and hosting offices will provide hands-on projects that will take advantage of and build on Fellows’ professional skill sets.

The program has made, and continues to make, an important contribution to strengthen America’s global leadership. It produces foreign affairs professionals working throughout U.S. global affairs agencies, the intelligence community, and the private sector, promoting the importance of veteran experience in leadership for diplomacy. VIP alumni contribute to a diversity of fields including economic, environmental, and political fields.


Contact [email protected] or 703-816-3772 for more information.

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