VA Weekly Online Tai Chi Sessions

Tai Chi is offered by the VA through the VA Community Care Network (VACCN). Veterans can access, at no cost to themselves, Tai Chi’s clinically proven improvements of anxiety, PTSD, strength, balance, flexibility, high blood pressure, cognitive and mobility, while reducing stress.

And with the Telehealth option (online), VA doctors specializing in Pain Management, Behavioral Health, Orthopedics, Physical Therapy, and others can order Tai Chi community consults for veterans without concerns for space and time constraints within their VA, or long travel times for veterans. 
The virtual Tai Chi classes are offered Tuesdays at 12pm every week for 35 minutes.
Interested veterans can request a consult for "Tai Chi" from their health care provider at the VA hospital or at their online account at The consult can be found as a Standard Episode of Care (SEOC) in the CPRS. Tell your VA provider that you’d like to work with Toby Kasavan NPI#1881232288.
Consults are not required to participate, but it will reimburse the cost of the classes.
Learn more about Toby Kasavan's Tai Chi For Veterans here.