Creativity Workshop for Veterans at Fordham University

Instructor Steve Alpert leads virtual Art-Making Workshops for veterans on Tuesday nights at 6:30-9pm beginning January 5, 2021.

As artists, we make art to learn the truth about ourselves. The mission is to take a deep dive into developing yourself as an artist, no matter what kind of art you choose to pursue.

This intensive workshop is designed to support emerging artists in learning to access their life experiences as a tool towards expression and artistic growth. It will function as a laboratory for experimentation and discovery. This workshop will employ group discussion, listening to music, writing, and meditation, and professional guest artists. The facilitator will utilize his experience as an art maker to guide the participants in learning and understanding themselves. Ultimately dialogue and discussion are key tools in the advancement of ideas that become manifest in the form of the work created.

Make your own art and enjoy discussion during these Zoom sessions.

Steve Alpert | [email protected] | 917-623-0147 |

Fordham University | Lincoln Center Campus | 113 W 60th St | NYC, NY