VA All of Us Research Program

The Veterans Administration is working with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) All of Us Research Program to help speed up medical breakthroughs. All of Us is looking for veteran volunteers to share their health data with VA-approved researchers. The All of Us Research Program is looking to enroll one million or more people across the country to help build one of the world’s largest and most diverse databases for health research.

This program specifically seeks to include members of groups of veterans who have historically been underrepresented in bio-medical research, and advances in the research could help doctors develop better treatments and ways to prevent different diseases. To have a representative study, the VA is taking significant steps to ensure veterans of all backgrounds are represented. Please consider taking part in this program that will benefit all veterans.

You can find out if your VA Hospital or Clinic is enrolling by contacting the VA AoU Information Center at 833-805-0426 or email [email protected]. Participants must enroll in person at the Manhattan VA; call to schedule an appointment.