2021 TechCongress Congressional Innovation Scholars Program

Apply for the 2021 TechCongress Congressional Innovation Scholars Program. This fellowship will place you among the top tech decision makers in the United States government at a time when technology is reshaping society in fundamental ways. Even if you've never considered working in government the Congressional Innovation Scholars Program will allow you to make change at the highest levels and at a scale unparalleled in the private or public sectors.

TechCongress is bridging the divide between Congress and the technology sector by placing tech savvy candidates like you - who are have recently finished, or are on track to finish a Master's program or PhD - to work with Members of Congress and Congressional Committees in order to build capacity in Congress, train cross-sector leaders - who can understand the challenges of government and in the technology community - and keep Congress up to date about the latest challenges and opportunities relating to technology.

Scholars earn a stipend equivalent to $60,000 annually during the 10-month program.

Learn more about the scholars program here. Applications close February 5, 2021, 11:59pm (EST). Veterans are encouraged to apply!